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This site is dedicated to the research, explanation and belief of aspects of human society involving phenomena that are misunderstood and are generally conveyed as supernatural.

This site is designed to educate and inform society of many aspects of cultural and religous phenomena of the past and present, and should only be used for this purpose. We are not aligned with any religous group.

Some of the subject matter that we will cover in this site may consist of, but are not limited to, Demonology, Witchcraft, UFO's, Famous occult figures, and other things that may be considered "unexplained phenomena" or supernatural.

If you do not wish to learn about the supernatural or do not have an open mind, please hit the back button on your browser now.


December 26, 2002

After a year long break I have finally gotten back to maintaining this website. New information should be up soon and all of the broken links should be fixed soon as well. Thanks for visiting this site and giving me a reason to come back!

Shawn M.

We are currently looking for people to write articles for us. If you would be interested in helping out, please e-mail us at We would greatly appreciate the help.

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