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Say It Here
Vol. 1, Issue 1 (May, 2001)

Hello Everyone,

My name is Darla, and this is what I have to say:

Everybody has their own opinion about everything. Each persons opinion depends on how, when and where, they lived as a child. But most of all it depends on the type of person they are inside. Everybody was given the choice to either do good while on Earth or to do harm. No one can get to their "Utopia", simply by claiming a certain faith and then half-heartedly going through the motions.

Are you an honest person?.....Even with yourself? Do you claim a certain faith simply because it's what your parents trained you to do as a child? Have you read anything on other types of faiths other than your own? (One article isnít enough to learn the truth.... and nothing on TV is true). Do you know the basic rules of your chosen faith? (You would be surprised how many people don't) Do you follow these rules on a daily basis? (These are the rules to live by...not just a once a week "have to") Do you feel that the faith you practice is all there is for you...or is there more?

Are you open-minded? An open -minded person can see how all faiths overlap in one way or another. You can't have good without bad.....and you can't have bad without good. Take a look around you. What do you see? Is there more good going on...or more bad? Which side of this battle are you on right now? (Be honest.... at least with yourself) If you aren't intentionally on the side of bad, you still may not be on the side of good. If you aren't fighting for the side of good on a daily basis, you are inadvertently helping the bad. (There will be no "fence riders" on "Judgement Day".) Either you are truly good or your not. And the faith that you claim to have will have no bearing on your fate. (You can't lie to God ... or the Gods)

I, personally, have claimed several faiths in my life and have found that it really isn't the beliefs that have let me down, but the people who claim to have this same faith. Most faiths tell you to treat ALL people with respect and kindness. Yet, in practice, most people won't even give you the time of day...unless you can do something for them first. People use to help each other, it didn't matter if they knew them or not. It didn't matter if the person they were helping could pay them or not. Someone was in need and everyone pitched in to help. How many times have you offered to help someone in need?......Without expecting something in return?

People really should take care to help all of those in need. You never know who it might be that you have just turned down. It could be an angel or "demon" (Either way you would be judged upon your response). It might be a God or Goddess (They have been known to take human form, from time to time). Or it might even be Jesus returned (The time really is upon us...and remember how he was treated the last time he was here?)

This has been MY personal opinion and in no way condemns or condones anyone elseís ideas. I am eagerly awaiting YOUR personal opinions and will try to respond to as many as possible. No profanity, please. Some of your opinions may be posted in my next "Opinion", so please specify if you would prefer that it not be.

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