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Say It Here
Vol. 1, Issue 2 (June, 2001)

Hello Everyone,

It has come to my attention that most people are still living with the "ancient" ideas of what certain things are....or where. I would like to try and bring a little more "modern" idea into the picture.

We have to remember that religions and superstitions where around long before we had sciences to explain even the simpest things around us. At one time "demons" were blamed for everything. If a person suddenly got sick and died....It was a demon. Of course, today we know that there are many medical explanations for such an occurrence.

There are things today that still can't be explained by the physical sciences. With these, we still turn to our faiths and beliefs. But the point here is........ We have to move out of the dark ages and try to explain them..... not keep blaming "the demons" for everything that happens to us.

It is a medically proven fact that the average person only uses ten percent of their brain. What is going on in the other ninety percent? Is it possible that there are those of us who are more receptive to their environment? This doesn't necessarily mean that they use more of their brain, but that they use a different ten percent. The human brain is capable of much more than any of us are willing to give it credit for. It has been said that all of us are born with "supernatural" abilities, but due to personal, environmental situations we don't develop these abilities and therefore loose them. (all babies can swim, but not all adults can.)

I just want to try to explain a few of these environmental phenomena's that some, but not all people experience, in a way that seems logical to me.

1. Ghosts: These are the disembodied souls of the dead. They have absolutely no physical (solid) form. They can't pick anything up. They can't touch you. They can't hurt you. (Though, they can startle you into accidentally hurting yourself.)

These are location based entities. This means that they "haunt" one specific place. They do not travel with a person, even if that person moves to another area. It's the place that holds special meaning to these entities, not the person.

2. Poltergeists: (you won't find many who agree with me on this) These are the OBE's (Out of Body Experiences), who are intent on harming or harassing someone. They can't be seen,......... because they don't want to be seen. (If you wanted to harass someone, would you want them to recognize you?) Poltergeists can hurt you, because they do have a physical form. Chances are that anyone who is this adept at OBE is also adept in other areas as well, ........such as, telepathy. This makes the theory of objects flying around the room, more acceptable, since it takes a solid object to move a solid object.

These are person based entities. This means that they can and do follow people, even if that person does move to another area. There really isn't much you can do about these entities, luckily they are rare occurrences.

3. Demons/Angels: This is a complicated area and I want to dedicate an entire page to this, so, this is all I want to say here : Angels and demons are basically the same thing. Though, we are the cause of their battle... we are not a part of it, other than the fact that WE (not either of them) continue to prove to God, Heaven should go back to the Angels and not to the humans.

4. Visions: These take place inside your own mind, in your sub-conscious. In this case, you are stepping out of the physical realm and into an inner realm. (Whereas all of the above are stepping INTO the physical realm) In this realm you are allowed to travel in two directions......forward or backward, in time. (You don't always get to pick your own direction.) Your spirit does not leave your body. You may see, but not interact. (This is the group you will find your psychics in.)

5. Out of Body Experience: In this one, your spirit leaves your body, but remains connected to it by a "life line". You can only travel in the present (but you can go anywhere you want).You may see and even interact with your environment. You may travel in the physical realm...or any number of other realms. BUT, if your "life line" should get cut...... your physical body WILL die.

(ed. I disagree with this point. In my studies I have found that people claim to have gone to different time periods, so I cant rule that out (Shawn M.))

6. Dreams/Nightmares: Most people will agree that this is your sub-conscious mind working out problems for your conscious mind, while your physical body rests. There are as many reasons for dreaming, as there are dreams. And it has been said that if you don't dream, you will die.

7. Hallucinations: These are tricks that are being played on your conscious mind. That is,they are any false (informational) readings that are sent to the conscious mind. These can be caused by many things..... chemical imbalance, injury, stress, optical problems, fatigue....and the list goes on. Examples of Hallucinations would be : mirages, optical illusions and deja vu.

This has been MY personal opinion and in no way condemns or condones anyone else's ideas . I am eagerly awaiting YOUR personal opinions and will try to respond to as many as possible. No profanity, please. Some of your opinions may be posted in my next "Opinion", so please specify if you would prefer that it not be.

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